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His Dark Materials is a project close to our heart. It was the show where we were first able to develop Practic's own methodology of building, performance and collaboration. We were part of His Dark Materials from the beginning and through-out all three seasons. Over the course of four years, this project saw us work closely with Framestore, Bad Wolf and BBC/HBO to meet a shared vision for all the daemon characters, as well as other special effect sequences. We assisted VFX, Camera Department and all the series Directors as well as building a close working bond with many of the actors. We were delighted to see the strengths of His Dark Materials acknowledged with award nominations and wins, including in a win for Special, Visual and Graphics at the BAFTAS in 2021.



Bringing the character's of Neil Gaiman's Sandman to life was a dream project for us. Working with Netflix and Warner Bros. Television for this unique project, we helped consult and build puppets for on-set usage. We provided on-set puppetry performances for Matthew the Raven, Goldie, Gregory the Gargoyle and Martin Tenbones. 



Our team are life-long fans of Doctor Who and were incredibly excited to contribute to this iconic show. We worked with Bad Wolf, BBC and Disney+ for these Special 60th Anniversary Episodes, which will mark the highly anticipated return of David Tennant's Doctor. We hope when our work finally airs, we'll be able to say much more about what we did, but for now, you'd need a sonic-screwdriver for us to unlock our secrets.